Game Promo: Mendel’s Quest

BD”E Angry Jew.

Mendel’s Quest is here!

BD”E Angry Jew.
Mendel’s Quest is here!

Back in 2013 Angry Jew was conceived as a side project on nights and weekends, a Rabbi Indie action game that nobody else at the time had thought of. Lots of thought went into the game dynamics so it wouldn’t be “too” offensive, ranging from collecting books versus coins, and choosing a timeline that was recent, but still distant to not offend any particular group today. This was why 19th century Russia was chosen as the ideal platform. On May 5, 2014 the game was released on Android with sights set on launching on Apple as well.


The problem which we knew would be controversial was in the name Angry Jew. We’re not going to lie: it was based on a play on the highly successful series Angry Birds. The name Angry Jew, though had an opposite, polarizing effect on some people. We received messages about how it’s anti-semitic, how the name caused the “time machine” at the end of each level to resemble more like an incinerator (Rachmana Litzlan), etc. Things got so intense that the ADL (Anti Defamation League) even decided to investigate, before ultimately deciding the game is kosher! In addition, the game wasn’t making any money, and as such the game wasn’t developed for some time, which caused the game to stop working with newer Android releases.

At the same time though, many people loved the game concept. which led to over 100,000 downloads on the Google Play store. We received tons of positive emails from users wanting more features, newer Mendels Quest games (like ancient Egypt, etc.), newer games, and more merchandise.


So we decided in the end, rather than shelve the product completely, to perform Techiyat HeMeitim (resurrection of the dead) on this unique game. It’s been re-branded to Mendel’s Quest, which a) is a much lesser offensive name, and b) gave this game the best chance at being accepted by the App store on Apple. We also decided to simplify the game for the time being and temporarily remove the leaderboard as well as third party logins from Facebook, focusing on improving the game play. B”H this game is now on both platforms. Once game-play is optimized we will consider restoring these functions at a later time.

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