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The Fables of Schwartzie: Part 1

A bonobo monkey went to the doctor. “You are 98.7% human,” the doctor told him. “It can’t be,” the monkey cried in disbelief. “The humans are killing each other on a massive scale, and destroying my habitat in the process.”…

Cain and Abel in a new light

The story of Cain and Abel spans only about four psukim in Bereishis, but something tells me that there must have been more to the world’s first murder. Here is some of the subtext as it might have occurred in my family.

Shabbos Torah with Schwartzie

Shabbos Torah with Schwartzie In this week’s parsha of Shoftim, the pasuk says- just kidding. In this week’s parsha, Re’eh, God lays his cards right out on the table. “See, I’ve got here a blessing and a curse for ya,”…