What is One Question You Should Never Ask on a Shidduch Date?

  • R’ Eli Mansour: I forgot my wallet. Can you pay?
  • Eli Schwebel: How much do you weigh?
  • Yechiel Stern: How much does your father make?
  • R’ Avi Pollak: How do I compare to the Shadchan’s description?
  • Motty Herman: Do you think it’s the man’s job to support the family?
  • Det. Ira Jablonsky: Will you marry me?
  • Tali Yess: What’s your name avain?
  • Jake Turx: What do you mean Epstein didn’t kill himself?
  • R’ Ahron Rosenthal: What’s your favorite Aveirah?
  • Dr. Jack Cohen: How old are you?
  • Dr. Henry Ginsberg: How much…….
  • Elly Kleinman: Do you pick your nose?
  • R’ Reuven Boshnack: At a restaurant: Are you going to finish that?
  • Shloime Dachs: How much money did your father say he has in a swiss account?
  • Eitan Katz: Are you taking meds?
  • Sruly Williger: Does your father have a lot of money?
  • Chaim Kiss: How is your ex spouse?
  • Sholom Hyman: Do you want to go dutch? (breaking 50-50 on the meal.)


  • Do you have a brother/sister who is better looking than you?
  • What gives you the right to come out here with your face showing?
  • “Do you have smicha”
  • “What did you do to your first wife that caused her to demand a get?”
  • So are you paying, or….?
  • During a first date while the girl/woman was going through all her siblings names and ages, stopped her and asked her what her name was. Needless to say they didnt go out again.
  • How awesome it is when magazines erase women?
  • “Why can’t frum magazines post a woman’s face even though faces aren’t erva?”
  • Do you plan on losing weight?

Peanut Gallery Comments

  • Only men were asked. … Only men go on shidduch dates.
  • What’s your favorite aveirah might be the best question for a first date. #justsaying
  • (From a female): I have second hand embarrassment for these men
  • All of these same sex shidduch dates…
  • Just a little bit out of touch with current reality.
  • I think “how do I compare to the shadchan’s description?” is a legit and cute question
  • Lots of the quotes seem to relate to “how much money does your father have?”. I guess it isn’t appropriate to say the quite parts out loud!
  • Uch, why all the questions about what the father earns? These days the mother usually earns just as much (if not more), as does the woman herself. It’s like these men are living in a different century.
  • We all know that at a shidduch date you’re supposed to talk about the three Fs: food (Do you like kreplach?), family (Do you have a brother?), and philosophy (If you had a brother, would he have liked kreplach?)
  • Counterpoint: what’s your favorite aveirah is a great ice breaker
  • The Frum Guide to Dating Completely Invisible Non-Male Humans
  • (From a female): True story: first shidduch date ever- 3rd question in the guy asks me if I get constipation or diarrhea. 
  • Are we talking about frum gay men’s dating? Is that why only men were asked? So progressive
  • (From a female): Ok question: “would you like to get together again?” Terrible follow up: “do you want to cook for me?”
  • (From a female):
  • Person 1: I wasn’t asked this it was an action instead. I had a man pick me up for our first date and he turned on the car light as I got in saying “I just wanted to see how you compared to your picture and if we should even continue this date”.
  • Person 2: woww. dishonesty is an issue of course if it’s there but i think he meant to tell her “i wanted to see how beutiful you look in 3d”
  • P1: ummm no. The date got worse from there. He thought it was funny to say that he would have gone home if I weren’t attractive enough.
  • P2: kudos for staying! if a guy did that to me i would have had half a mind to say nope, it isn’t. and ya i can imagine it would get worse! attraction’s important but some things u don’t need to say… …or walk out mid date over.. i’m sorry that happened to you!!
  • P1: eh, it’s funny now looking back!

Note: one of the groups I shared this with came out and removed it for the following reason:

The admins spoke at length some time ago with the publisher of the Vues and informed him that we are not permitting his publication into ***** until he returns the veiber (women) to his pages. Please do not (s)hare his pages to the group.

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