Do You Recognize the Weird, Feared Boro Park “Goy” Stare?

This can make anyone self-conscious.

From the Jewish Press: January 29, 2016
From “Humans of New York” on February 6, 2012″ with the caption “Role Model.”
From Pinterest
The followup to this pic:
In Meah Shearim
This Shomrim card represents what some Chassidim apparently think of Modern Orthodox, YU “type” boys. He goes to the bottom depths of hell, he can’t say Shelo Asani Goy/Eved, you need to say Meshenah Habriyos instead of Shehechiyanu, you can’t say any Davar Shebekdusha since he’s now a real Oved Avoda Zara, he’s a Cheresh (deaf/mute), etc.
This is a Boro Park Stare to hold by (Sandy Koufax was born in Boro Park).