Top 25 Worst Backyard Camp Names

With Corona season upon us for the foreseeable future, the only camps opening up will be backyard camps, if that. These camps need to have names. Here are twenty five to choose from.

  1. Camp Covid
  2. Camp Rona
  3. Camp Covid Chai
  4. Camp Covid Habriyos
  5. Camp Covid Es Avicha Ve’es Imecha
  6. Camp Maskora
  7. Camp Mask-owitz
  8. Camp Chutz LaMachaneh (social distancing)
  9. Camp Zoom
  10. Camp Leftover Chulent
  11. Camp Fleishig Lunch
  12. Camp Kugel
  13. Camp Tatty
  14. Camp (Ich Hoib Nisht) Koach
  15. Hock Mir Nisht Camp-Chaynik
  16. Camp Tumult
  17. Camp Dalet Amos
  18. Camp A-Symptomatic
  19. Camp The Assistants Get Paid 50 Cents Per Hour
  20. Camp Damp
  21. Camp Mildew
  22. Camp Out
  23. Camp Fire
  24. Mein Camp
  25. Camp Kavana (concentration)