An Amar’e Stoudemire Conversion Pic was Posted on Twitter, and the “Community” Has a Field Day

Amar’e Stoudemire for years has identified as a historic Israelite, and may be undergoing the final stages of his conversion process. Let’s bid him only the best of luck!

The Twitter community has been supportive of him, but let’s face it, with conversion there are always going to be jokes surrounding Mikveh’s and expecially circumcisions.

Some of the silly comments included:

  • What’s the psak on mikve dunking with dreads?
  • Issue of avoda zara?
  • Pretty sure it’s OK as long as it’s how you wear your hair every day… That being said, this Mikva in Bnei Brak might be stricter than my kallah teacher was.
  • The question is – is the mikvah deep enough?
  • look who’s back in the game.
  • I thought you were doing somewhere else with “mikve dunking”
  • Dreadful puns rebound
  • Not a psak – but you may want to read:
  • Cant get more schtark than the Bnei Brak Beit Din. Hopefully they are gentle and he isn’t too sore

Forgive us, but this type of post demands the circumcision scene from Robin Hood Men in Tights.

Meanwhile, Amar’e has only been a positive influence in the Jewish media, playing basketball, soaking in Jewish religious culture, and even recently teaming up with Nissim Black in a music video.

Then there’s Seinfeld: