200+ Biblical Clickbait Titles

“Biblical Clickbait” -shamelessly stole this from another group. You won’t be leaving from this post for a while!

  1. “BRACE YOURSELVES: Moshe’s most SCANDALOUS move yet…he HIT the ROCK!!”
  2. Dermatologists HATE her! Local woman gets leprosy after using this one weird trick! 😂😂😂
  3. Something is shaking up the lands and its NOT what you think- This JUST in: feet GIANTS are STAMPEDING the grounds!!!
  4. Abraham took out the knife and raised it to kill his son Isaac….you’ll never believe what he did next!
  5. She offered the general some cheesy baklava and wine, told him it was to die for!
  6. He needed a break and climbed to a mountain top retreat to meditate. But when he came back down his followers had a cow!
  7. Find out which 10 commandments Moses received on Mount Sinai. Number will blow your mind!
  8. The threw their gold into the fire, you won’t believe what came out! Bull!!!
  9. Ways to diagnose Tzaraas – but there’s a catch. Find out which group can diagnose it.
  10. Esau lost 10 pounds in a split second, here’s how…
  11. Here’s how one man got rich by carving his own Luchos!
  12. You can marry a captured gentile woman, but you won’t believe what she has to do first.
  13. These 613 commands were given by God. Number 2 is unbelievable.
  14. Where’s the post in the other group? I’d love to see it.
  15. No one knows where Moses is buried, here’s why…
  16. You won’t believe what Moses told Aaron to do before he died…
  17. The Aron looks heavy, but here’s why it was easy to carry…
  18. You won’t believe what can happen if you touch the mount…
  19. In the temple there was a secret room that only one person could enter once a year. Sometimes he wouldn’t come out alive. Find out why…
  20. This boat took almost 600 years to build. The reason will shock you.
  21. This bush caught fire but wouldn’t burn. Here’s the secret reason…
  22. He survived a fiery furnace, but his brother didn’t. Find out the shocking reason…
  23. Avram claims the biggest idol destroyed all the smallest ones. Here’s 10 reasons that was a lie. Reason is unbelievable.
  24. You won’t believe how quickly God created the world. What he did on the 7th day will surprise you.
  25. These two teenagers wiped out an entire city. Find out the shocking secret to how they did it.
  26. He started out a slave and ended up the most powerful person in Egypt. Learn his secret.
  27. Jezebel, Delilah, Tamar, Queen of Sheba, or Bathsheba? Which Biblical Hot Chani are you? Take our quiz to find out!
  28. He spent 40 days without eating or drinking. See if you can do the same.
  29. These bugs are okay to eat, which ones they are will surprise you.
  30. Potiphar changed his name to Potiphera, Rashi explains the shocking reason…
  31. Click here to learn this one weird trick that will prevent ten plagues!
  32. You won’t believe which land God promised to Abraham.
  33. See what Moses’ staff turned into. You won’t believe your eyes!
  34. Bad relationship with your brother? Click here if you’re Able!
  35. He was left to die in the desert, then a miracle happened…
  36. They took the same picture for 40 years in the desert.
  37. This one miracle food tastes like whatever you want. Click here to find out how.
  38. They wandered in the desert for 40 years. Here’s why they didn’t ask for directions…
  39. Lot was miserable. Click here to find out how his wife turned it around!
  40. Noah made his own house boat and lived rent free. Click here to learn his real estate secrets!
  41. Find out this one deadly word Moses used to kill an Egyptian.
  42. Egypt was hit with 10 plagues! Number will shock you!
  43. Learn Yakov’s trick for getting more sheep! Shepherds hate him!
  44. This Raven left his wife alone on a boat- you won’t BELIEVE what happened next!
  45. Chronic fatigue and hearing loss almost cost this woman her relationship! Read on to find out how she turned it around…
  46. “Tzaraas?! In MY computer?!” It’s more common than you think!
  47. All of Jericho called her a loose woman, but she had the last laugh. Click here to find out how!
  48. Hey Dad! We slaughtered an entire city.
  49. Zealot spears people. You won’t believe the miraculous story.
  50. They had a garden full of options but eating this one special fruit changed everything! They never looked at their bodies the same way again. Find out what happened!
  51. Man decided to kill own son. What happens next will touch your heart
  52. Find out how EGG yolk got this man into JAIL!
  53. BP disaster … 24000 killed.
  54. Women celebrating after splitting of the sea check out what Miriam was wearing
  55. 250 anarchists disappear in an earth-shattering experience.
  56. This man is Joseph. He may not look like much but he went from a common prisoner to ruling the land. Find out how Joseph made DREAMS COME TRUE.
  57. 613 commandments. Number 54 will blow your mind!
  58. Pictures of Sara in a suitcase that Avraham wishes you would forget..
  59. Cold murder case reopened. Calf exposes killer. Please continue reading here.
  60. Demolished condemned houses contain vast wealth. Real estate agents are available to take your calls now!
  61. Woman saves husband’s life by uncovering her hair. Believe it or not!
  62. Doctors hate him! This one neat trick can save you from a venomous death…
  63. Why Won’t Hollywood Cast Yishmael Anymore?
  64. See the horrible way the meraglim died. You won’t want to eat for a week.
  65. This trick brought down the walls of Jerico. Click here to see how.
  66. Jacob used this one trick to steal his brother’s blessing, and his mother was in on it. See why.
  67. You won’t believe what Esau traded his birthright for!
  68. This one trick can tell you if your wife is faithful, but if she isn’t, watch out!
  69. Guess how many men it took to put up the krashim? You won’t believe the answer!
  70. Nachshon Ben Aminadav used this method to split the sea, but was it worth the risk?
  71. See this one trick the Jewish firstborns used to avoid death during the 10th plague. You won’t believe it!
  72. Kosher Foodies! … Our latest recipe requires only one ingredient and the food has a heavenly taste.
  73. Click here to find out who the only prophet to speak to God “face to face” was. You won’t believe the answer!
  74. Gid Hanoshe – what it is, why we don’t eat it…
  75. This animal has split hooves, but is still not Kosher. See why.
  76. Coveting your fellow’s wife – is it okay? Should you do it? See what God has to say…
  77. Find out how standing on one foot can improve the planet!
  78. Is the sun a god? Is the moon a god? What this three year old discovered will boggle your mind!
  79. Get to Olam HaBah with this one weird hack!
  80. Gathering wood on Shabbos in public – is it a good idea? See what happened when this one man tried it.
  81. See this weird thing they are doing with a donkey. The reason will astound you.
  82. Can you see sounds? See how an entire nation did. What happened next will blow you back!
  83. You’ll never believe what Adam and Eve are wearing in paradise! We have the scandalous pics!
  84. This one super-fruit will change your life forever…
  85. Want to learn new languages? Build a tower!
  86. Problematic things you need to stop saying right now. (It’s an article about Avak Loshon Hara, the Frum version of a microaggression.
  87. Quiz: which Biblical food are you? Choices are Ezekiel bread, man, the squash that hit Eyov in the head, Eitz HaDaas…
  88. Man builds ship for 120 years. Naysayers are all wet.
  89. Locked out of a city? This life hack with ram horns will blow you away!
  90. What are the dimensions of the Teivah? find out next week in Noach.
  91. This one woman had two husbands to save a nation from complete annihilation. Find out her amazing secret.
  92. Do you lack time to relax and take it easy? Read the story of a man who invented farming tools and created leisure time.
  93. Juvenile delinquent annihilates quarter of world in one action.
  94. Three men were placed into a fire pit. Find out their amazing story of survival.
  95. This life hack will turn even the fiercest of lions into pussycats. Find out how.
  96. The guard dogs didn’t make a sound. Should they be put down? Share your opinion.
  97. Are you more of an Esau or more of a Jacob. Take this quiz to find out!
  98. Giants – they did exist. See how to kill one.
  99. Sarah claims she didn’t laugh. Was she telling the truth?
  100. 90 year old woman gets pregnant. See what trick she used.
  101. See how Lot got a lifetime supply of salt free — his wife never complained about salt again.
  102. Vashti – the Torah’s first Feminist. How she lost her head, and what that means for us in 201.
  103. Pro tip: this ancient secret of lamb blood will scare away even the angel of death. Find out how here.
  104. He claims his donkey spoke to him. Can it be true, or is he suffering from schizophrenia? Click here to find out.
  105. He tried to curse them, but accidentally blessed them. How does this happen, and how can you avoid this happening to you?!
  106. Dreamer becomes dream maker. Rags to riches when he leaves behind those brother bitches. You won’t believe how!
  107. Patriarch marries three year old.
  108. Visitors tell of tip Abraham gave them.
  109. Top Tips from the Tent of Abraham Avinu
  110. Would you share a man with your sister? Meet two women from Harran who tried it!
  111. Are you a Cain or Abel, a Ishmael or Isaac, a Esau or Yaakov. Take our quiz…
  112. Caught between the Egyptian Army and the Sea… What happens next will blow your mind!
  113. Chaim Gross Buzzfeed Quiz: Which of the shvatim do YOU identify as?
  114. These slaves escaped late at night and didn’t have enough time to bake bread. See this quick food they prepared and how you can prepare it too.
  115. (If anyone here is a Mike Korzemba guy….) “Why Og Melech HaBashan will BREAK THE NBA!?”
  116. This tiny stone felled a great warrior. The amazing secret power behind it.
  117. These sins cannot be violated for any reason, number will shock you.
  118. These laws are for everyone, you wouldn’t believe that people would want to do number .
  119. Blaspheming: is it worth it? Find out what happened when one man did it.
  120. Yosef predicts YOUR future- discover your destiny through his SORCERY
  121. % of people who took this quiz are chayev kareis. How will you do?
  122. Top ten jewish leaders that weren’t part of the Jewish army.
  123. The most beautiful girl in the world gets LOCKED UP in a BOX!- how would YOU feel?
  124. Joseph’s precious cup. Did Benjamin steal it or was he framed? What do you think? Weigh in on this here.
  125. Are there 1or 1tribes? The answer may surprise you.
  126. A woman named SARAH manages to keep her breads FRESH for a week, find out how she did this HERE
  127. This candelabra was made of solid gold. How was it made? How much was it worth? Where is it now?
  128. Tired of dieting? MANNAH might do WONDERS for you!
  129. This leader’s father in law gave him advice. Did he listen? Do you listen to advice from your in-laws?
  130. He worshipped every kind of deity until deciding on the true God. See which God he decided upon.
  131. Want to know who has been filling the comments section in your SYBO post? Click here to learn!
  132. They had the perfect relationship….until she listened to a serpent. Find out how it cost them everything.
  133. Big scandal! Judah fathers twins with his daughter in law! Click here for the whole story!
  134. Pharoahs HATE them! Find out how this Middle Eastern community acquired millions of acres of Mediterranean real estate using this one simple trick…
  135. His dad wants him to go into the family business, but now Abraham is hearing voices. But what will they tell him to do next?
  136. Her husband stayed out all night and came home with torn clothing and a pulled muscle. He said he was “wrestling an angel”. But can she trust him?
  137. The bush burned unconsumed? Find out what Moses was smoking!
  138. Sinkhole appears in the middle of the Israelites camp in the desert! Click here for all of the details!
  139. Her father was an evil killer, but what she did this morning at the banks of the Nile will touch your heart.
  140. Lose weight AND sins in only one day? Yes!
  141. Man jumps out window yelling “ME TOO”. Gets framed by perpetrator!
  142. Eliezer found a new wife with great middos for Yitzchak. You’ll never believe how old she is…
  143. 60,550 adults surveyed and we found the top ten flavors for man is.
  144. When labels broke us apart. Tales from Bavel.
  145. Brother wrongs brother and runs away. Tune in for their dramatic meeting after more than 20 years!
  146. Are you at risk for TZARAAS? Find out free. (Sponsored by The Cohen Group.)
  147. King Eglon was so fat! Exclusive interview with Ehud, the left handed man!
  148. The world has ended! Lot and his daughters try to repopulate the earth!
  149. Great job, beautiful wife, Uriah the Hittite had it all…. until one day the King ordered him to battle. But Why?
  150. How to catch a king. Batsheva tells all. Exclusive!
  151. Which rib will get you the woman of your dreams? Click here to learn Adams trick
  152. The secret to growing the Special mushrooms that grow around mount Sinai.
  153. A meal fit for murder! Exclusive recipes from Yael the Kenite!
  154. She seduced the general. Was she really into him, or did she just want his head? Find out the shocking truth!
  155. See how this tiny army of freedom fighters defeated a mighty well trained army. You won’t believe how long their oil burned for!
  156. What the Rebbes were really smoking all Seder night and other secrets about the cups.
  157. Man to Woman, from Prototype to Perfection, how the mistakes of making a man were corrected when he asked for a partner.
  158. This traditional group still writes these ancient words with a feather quill on parchment. Here’s the secret…
  159. Struggling with impurity? Here’s the solution: it’s ASH! Click here for more info!
  160. Ash is the new superfood to cleanse your system.
  161. Click here to find out what Vashti’s tail really was…. Her tale of the tail
  162. Real footage of the tabletop dances at achashveroshes feast.
  163. Ten hot poses of King David riding his chariots.
  164. 10 tricks to get into Olam Haba. Number 7 is unreal!
  165. Princess risks all wearing a hidden camera: footage from inside King Solomon’s harem.
  166. “Is that your wife, or your sister?” Tips on traveling to Egypt – click here!
  167. The fish menu six thousand years in the making! Will you be invited? Click here!
  168. Slaughtering the one bird will cure skin cancer! Click here!
  169. Leprosy not skin cancer!
  170. Go to the threshing floor at night and uncover the feet of the man you want to marry. This and more tips on how to get your man from Ruth and Naomi!
  171. Haircutting tips from Delilah!
  172. Town decimated by teenagers!
  173. How long is a day really? The day the sun stood still!
  174. Giant fruit! Find out how to get some for yourself!
  175. Growth hack #1: wear the king’s oversized armor and wait for a miracle.
  176. Struggling with debt? Can’t to pay off your bills? This 7-year job program can help – with options for lifetime job security! Click here!
  177. Tired of getting wet? Learn how to part the sea in easy steps!
  178. Sanctuary cities, not just for illegal immigrants!
  179. Thirsty? Find out how to get water from a rock!
  180. Eli thought she was drunk in the temple. Find out the shocking truth!
  181. Young David, just who’s side is he on anyway?
  182. David and Jonathan, a bromance for the ages.
  183. Elijah, the first alien abductee?
  184. Ahaz and Izevel. Why your government may be trying to kill you!
  185. She wasn’t born with it. And it wasn’t Maybelline. The Izevel Story. Sunday at /8c on Lifetime.
  186. Judge. Wife. Leader of a generation. Find out how she did it at DatePalm.
  187. Have you been the victim of PESHI’A? Negligence on the job or on the farm? You may be entitled to medical expenses and lost wages. Click here.
  188. Woman of mystery… Who really is the Queen of Sheba?
  189. Are you seeing the writing on the wall? Call Daniel at 55-123!
  190. THROWN INTO A LIONS DEN – and walks AWAY! You won’t believe this video!
  191. SCAM ALERT: man in WHITE marries off TWIN daughters to ONE MAN
  192. Exclusive interview with Harvona! All the secrets from the royal palace in Shushan!
  193. “She was my sister…” Get the full story at LeahSpeaks.
  194. SCAPEGOATING: discover the truth about how TEAM YOSEF came to be!
  195. He went from STUD to SUFFERING…<—— HERE is the full e-galusville story
  196. “And our boss told us to fast for days…she said it would ‘save her people’, I thought I had to do it to save my job in the palace.” We asked HR professionals what they had to say.
  197. “The Untold Story of the Trans-Sinai Spice Trade. Our correspondent Yosef thought he was getting a good deal by riding along in a beautiful smelling spice cart. Find out what happened next…and how he got there.”
  198. Serach’s magical song. Download it on iTunes!
  199. Miriam’s well. Where is it now?
  200. Favorite son of patriarch spends too much time grooming his hair and attracts the wrong lady then turns the whole thing into a 1970’s broadway hit.
  201. The search for Moses’ gravesite. See it on The History Channel in March!
  202. “Vanity. Vanity. Everything is vanity. Vanity. Vanity…” We can help you break the cycle. There’s a time for everything. Download Kohelet.
  203. Is your wife cheating on you? Forget private investigators — this drink has TWO ingredients and has 100% accuracy! Click here!
  204. Well … unless the wife learns and/or the husband is an adulterer. Restrictions may apply.
  205. Little did Moshe know what The Rock was cookin’.
  206. Why no one EVER found Moshe’s BODY – controversial secrets REVEALED!
  207. Workout and stay hydrated! Power lift rocks off the wells. You might even meet your bashert!
  208. Why dovid hamelech once collected 200 foreskins, PLUS: his shocking reaction to his daughter’s rape *Shaul Hamelech Nash Benaim
  209. Burning Bushes and other uncomfortable situations
  210. What to do in the event of a burning bush
  211. When the bush won’t stop burning… Change your soap. It might help.Baking soda.
  212. Find out why Pharoah’s daughter went into the water and how a baby in a boat changed the course of history. It will surely surprise you.
  213. How many frogs does it take to meet a prince? If the Prince is Moses, it takes quite a few. Read the true and scandalous truth about it.
  214. Are you burning to approach the bush? The bush is burning for you, too. Listen to the Bas Kol and you too will be told what to do.
  215. Ten supernatural plagues hit world superpower. You won’t believe number Moshe Kolat
  216. Mezonos bread. Just a myth even if you are Koveah Seudah? Find out here
  217. “Vanity. Vanity. Everything is Vanity.” Get up to date advice on modernizing your bathroom on the DIY Channel.
  218. Moses and Joshua – the Untold Story. On the Midrash Channel.
  219. You hit it – The Ar”i HaKadosh says in lekutim that when Moshe hit the rock he brought out the Talmud Bavli and Yerushalmi for the “Erev Rav” – it’s not so simple
  220. “The Israelites thought they were stuck at the Red Sea. What happened next will shock you.”
  221. Moshe Rocks, but can he HipHop?
  222. Which one of the 10 plagues are you? Take this quiz to find out!