Frum Satire – A New Life


In 2006, Heshy Fried started Frum Satire on when blogs were incredibly popular. The site moved over a year later to a standalone platform and was continuously worked on for over a decade, entertaining many thousands of people. Even though Heshy himself stopped blogging on Frum Satire on January 2014 (focusing on his catering business), the site continued with steam from a series of other bloggers. Then for whatever reason the blog stopped being updated in 2017, and at that point just stayed up “Lishma.”

This blog would be a shame if it ended there. There’s a lot that’s to make fun of about the ultra religious: you have crazies in every group and Orthodox Judaism is no exception: we just joke about it better.

So after a nice hiatus, the blog is back up and running, being picked up by an anonymous person who will be posting hilarous stuff. Hey, in this crazy COVID-filled situation we all need a good laugh, amirite?

So keep checking in for more awesome content!