Satmar Has Solved the Secular Studies Problem

By Shmilka Bernstein

I watched videos of Satmar children participating in make believe demonstrations against Israel. The English accents were excellent, even better than their teachers. Goyim and and so-called Moderner Othodox make fun of chasidisher yeshivos. But look at how much can be learned when there is a purpose and enthusiasm. The hate of fersthunkener ziyonistim is all the motivation needed to draw the pure hearts of children. In Satmar schools, the children learn English, graphics for doing posters, math for quoting statistics, civics for getting permits, weather forecasting to advise those coming to demonstrations whether to bring plastic hat covers, electronics for setting up sound systems, and so on.

And look at those boys throwing eggs. If it wasn’t ossur some of those boys could become olympic athletes and great baseball pitchers.

In later grades the best of them become organizers every bit as good as the fancy shmancy modern kids who go to college and waste their time on degrees in international relations, sustainable development, peace studies and loy aleinu, homosexual studies.

Eventually, all those who teach organizing in colleges will borrow our ideas and give them fancy words.

The Board of Education should just approve the Chasidish curriculum. It is just a question of hiring some goyim to write up this chinuch in anti-Zionism with the fancy words that are used in education. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to support the politicians who respect religion, or at least respect our votes and campaign contributions.

Yeshiva World posted the videos to make choizek of Satmar. But like Bilam they ended up giving us brochos. Mah Toivie oiholechoh Yakov. Like the Yidden in the midbar, our doiros will be strengthened and will get past those who want to destroy our pure way of life, of only toirah, and only secular to defend toirah and attack tziyoinists.