Awesome New Blog on the Block

Tales Out of Bais Yaakov

Tales Out of Bais Yaakov

It’s been awhile since a new blog has moved into the block of the Jewish blogosphere. These days would-be bloggers burn up all their energy and angst posting on Facebook, arguing in the Yiddishkeit? group, the OTD group, the God Save Us From Your Opinion group or any other group devoted to their particular sub-sub-genre of interest such as the I also hate the way women are treated in Orthodoxy group or the Off-the-Derech Torah Discussion Group group (oh yeah, that’s a thing). There’s even one for Orthodox Jews Against Discrimination and Racism and although at 1,438 members it has a pretty good showing from the frum velt it’s unlikely to change anything. Oh well.

By the time the average burned-out yeshiva bochur or seminary girl is done kvetching on Facebook they don’t have energy to organize their scattered thoughts, put them into writing, make their writing coherent (as ours always is here on Frum Satire), set up a blog, come up with a name for the blog, come up with a pseudonym, post on the blog, share it on Facebook while pretending that they just happened across this brand new blog that no one’s ever visited, and that eerie resemblance to their school stories, their usual complaints about Yiddishkeit, their voice? They have to repeat to all their friends over and over again that this is just a coincidence. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Well a new blog did open recently and it’s a welcome addition. It has the tone of the old, short-lived, Yeshiva Daze blog where the author still had some hope of changing things when he started it. You can hear the kids popping the bubble wrap in the background, the packing noodles and peanuts are all over the floor, the author still hopes to sway some minds, to make friends and influence people, to make enemies and enrage people. The author still believes in the blogosphere as a place to air semi-autobiographical stories about high school days, days spent locked up in the seminary dorm, days spent in dreadful boredom while ignorant teachers, who themselves only graduated from where you’re sitting three years before, drone on with the lessons they prepared late last night while nursing their third baby in three years, days spent trying to read between the lines of what the teachers are saying so you can actually see behind the heavy curtain of obfuscated torah, days spent dying for the day that you’ll finally graduate seminary and start going on shidduchim.

Speaking of shidduchim, writing about Tales Out of Bais Yaakov is bad for shidduchim. But Bad4, the author of this new blog, must know this, she is the preeminent authority on what’s bad for shidduchim after all, even Heshy called her the “king of all shidduch bloggers“. So I’m not going to worry about Bad4’s shidduch situation. Also, she’s married already.

So check out her new blog, Tales Out of Bais Yaakov, and like Heshy back in ’08 – pray that she keeps coming up with new material. Or comment, that usually keeps bloggers blogging.