Chizzuk from Gdi Oish

burning the chametzErev Pesach is not a time for satire or jokes. We can spend all year debating whether the ancient Hebrews really built the pyramids or whether they were in Egypt altogether; but on Erev Pesach we put all that aside to focus on achdus in Klal Yisroel, burning the chometz, giving the rabbi his annual tip, and double parking to wait in line outside the keilim mikvah along with all the other 45 year-olds making Pesach for the first time.

So in honor of this Erev Pesach I urge you take a minute to get some chizzuk from Rav Zalendger Shlita from the Gdi Oish show.

And while we’re at the business of chizzuk you’ll probably also want to hear this shiur where the rav takes Shulem Deen to task for writing negative things about the community. I think his sentiment is shared by most Frum Satire commenters. Or at least the most vociferous ones.

And finally, now that you’re sufficiently inspired for yom tov, check out this excellent post on DovBear from OrthoDiction, a fellow who should write more often. God’s Pesach Message to Orthodox Jewry