Tznius Alert

While taking the A train this morning along with all the YU guys who have internships on Wall Street I noticed something very disturbing, a real breach in tznius. I saw a very pretty young lady, she looked frum which means that I’m only allowed to check her out if she’s unmarried.

I checked for the usual signs of marriage – the sheitel, but I couldn’t tell whether she was wearing a sheitel or not because she was wearing a knitted hat over her hair – I checked for a ring, but she was wearing gloves so I couldn’t tell whether there was a ring there or not.

This is a problem, folks, a real problem. The whole point in differentiating between married and unmarried women is so that we guys can know in advance whether we’re allowed to check the woman out, hit on her, or even take advantage of her; and if we do do it, whom we’ll have hurt by our actions – merely a girl or her husband.

According to this┬ácomment from a few years ago there are “a few gorgeous sheitels” in Har Nof, I think they should rethink the policy of allowing gorgeous sheitels. This lack of tznius is especially troubling at a time when Arab terrorists are keeping a sharp eye on our tznius levels to know whether they should attack us or not, and although our tzinus levels in the US are much higher than those in Israel, as evidenced by our escape from terrorism so far, still, one can never be careful enough.

Therefore I suggest that anyone concerned about the safety of Frum Jews should take away all hats and gloves from their wives. I know that not everyone is on a madreigah to do this, but I’m sure that real Frum Jews like those in Kiryas Joel, New Square and Lakewood will lead the pack and the rest of Klal Yisreol will IY”H follow.


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