Kiruv Rabbi Smackdown

Anyone who’s found themselves struggling with “the big questions” in their lifetime has listened to Avigdor Miller talk about the wondrousness of the apple and the orange and how you can see Hashem just by looking at them, has heard Noach Weinberg tell the story of the bike rider who was riding along when Hashem suddenly came out of nowhere and pushed him off a cliff and then flew down the cliff after the falling bicyclist to save him from getting hurt. You would have heard Amnon Yitzchak and Uri Zohar tell you how you can see Hashem in the fact they, such successful people in the secular world, became frum! Mah rabu masecha hashem! 

Let’s have a vote on which of the following rabbis delivers the best argument for seeing Hashem in the world:

Rabbi Scott from A Serious Man telling Larry Gopnick that his wife is having an affair because he needs a better perspective on Hashem. And the parking lot, look at that wondrous parking lot.

Rabbi Brog from Cleveland saying that Eli Mandel joined his brother Ari, the leader of the OTD movement (which, BTW, recruits people to go off the derech) because he didn’t have a relationship with Hashem. I especially love the line “you are at risk m’oid”

And finally one of the internet’s favorite rabbis, Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi

This is by no means a comprehensive list. You could do your bit to bring people closer to Hashem by sharing your favorite kiruv routine in the comments below.


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