Jewbellish Finally Makes the Wall Street Journal

It’s taken log enough, but frum comedy is finally making the mainstream media. Wait! Did I just say mainstream media? I think I just gave away my years of listening to Rush Limbaugh.

Heshy’s an award winning stand up comedian with his own YouTube channel and then there’s David Finkelstein who manages to make fun of his frum dress code at a comedy club here but none of this was good enough for the Wall Street Journal, they had to wait for Mendy Pellin to parody Taylor Swift before they would cover the frum comedy scene.

The article says that “These days, Mr. Pellin is working to develop an online franchise in Hasidic parodies of popular music and television.” Overlooking Country Yossi and  Yossi Green who’ve been doing this for decades.

I think Mendy Pellin is great but I suspect that the reason the WSJ finally got around to discussing frum comedy is because there’s a business side to the whole thing; Mendy’s partner Jeff Rudes sold super skinny tight jeans and he recently sold the last of his shares in his company, which is a shame because they could have simply focused on the comedy.

Who are your favorite frum comedians?


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