Trip notes from the Kashrut conference.

Last week I attended a conference for the Rabbinical leaders of the many “out of” towns in the US, hosted by the Star-K. There I met a few dozen of the rabbinical leadership and Vaadei Kashrus members from places that included Atlanta, Cincinnati, Columbus, Dallas, Indianapolis, Kansas City, LA, Northern California (where Heshy lives), Ottawa, Savanna, South Florida, Toronto, and other areas in the country.

The conference covered many important issues, although many of the participants focused on the relative merits of the iPhone 6 and the various flavors of Android phones; you know, what it says about how modernish they make you look.

Here are my notes of the three most important issues covered followed by the major takeaways for each. 

  1. Fostering more unity in Klal Yisroel.
  2. Addressing the issue of the systemic marginalization of women in Orthodoxy, on shul boards, kashrus agencies, in marital life, and on airplane seats.
  3. Dealing with the multitude of ugly scandals in our ranks by ensuring we focus on the most important matters pertaining to the survival of the Jewish people.

At the end of the many sessions, here’s what you need to know.

  1. Star-K now has a Star-K-S certification for certain products that are Kosher according to sefardic standards. Achdus for the win.
  2. Strangely, no one attended the session on the topic of women. I think it was was for all the women attendees at the conference. Clever how that worked out.
  3. The RCC in LA says that triple washing lettuce gets you lettuce with very clean bugs. So it’s really important that we check lettuce for bugs, even small bugs. We should remind our community members that bugs are trief and that we really don’t recommend eating lettuce, or berries for that matter. Chicken is OK, so is sushi — but not the kind with worms in the fish.

Boruch Hashem we have leaders looking out for us.

(P.s. Telz Angel saying hello to all hir fans out there. Sorry I have not been writing for a while.)

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