10 Hours of Walking in NYC

So I’m sure you’ve seen, or at least heard about, the women-haters of NYC who don’t allow women to walk down their streets unmolested by their catcalls. Unfortunately it turned out that the video makers were just as much racists as the catcallers were would-be rapists. Shoyn, nothing in this world is perfect, I guess.

Meanwhile, in what was probably meant to be a parody, and possibly drive home the point to thick men that street harassment is truly undesirable, some people put together a video showing a man being harassed on the street, and also offered food, and also picked up on a chair like a chosson during the first dance when all his guy friends still have energy. Ultimately that video seemed to be making fun of the first video more than anything else. I’m not really sure what they were trying to prove.

But the best parody yet comes from Scott Rogowsky of Running Late. He shows us what it’s like to walk in the streets of NYC while Jewish. How many Lubabs can harass you to “wrap with me”? How many Lubabs can offer you their lulav for a shake? Turns out the number is a magical 100, no more, and no less, than the other minorities who walked the streets of Manhattan for 10 hours. He too ends up getting the chosson dance in the end, so I guess all’s well that ends well.


Find out more about Chabad street harassment at 4torah.com