Rabbi Shmuley on Rabbi Freundel

rabbi shmuley boteachIs America’s Rabbi parodying himself with this ridiculous reaction to Mikvahgate? Rabbi Shmuley Boteach is a tough act to follow, but in what follows he outdoes himself.
Rabbi Shmuley, despite his pain and shock, takes the time to respond to a professional frum sex counselor who pointed out how Shmuley’s message about what a man “must” do before having sex with his wife may be very unhelpful.
I myself would like the to take the time to point out that there is no gemara that says a man must give his wife an orgasm before having sex with her. The gemara the kosher sex rabbi is probably referencing is the one that says that when a woman becomes pregnant after sex, the gender of the child is determined by which partner “seeded” first – if the woman “seeds” first, she’ll have a boy, but if the man “seeded” first she’ll have a daughter. Yeah, whatever, don’t read 1,500 year-old medical journals.

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