The Shabbos App is Genius

Shabbos AppPretty soon you won’t have to go OTD in order to be the first to see the latest selfies posted by the Hot Chani you’re following on Facebook under your fake account on Shabbos (it’s almost 2015, Hot Chanis don’t keep Shabbos anymore). That’s the promise of the Shabbos App. You’ll also be able to text your chavrusah to let him know you’d like to meet earlier than planned because your Shabbos afternoon shluf was interrupted by your kids, and you’ll be able to make fun of Yakov Menken all day and he won’t be able to respond to you because¬†after he finds out that the Shabbos App is not a farce he’ll regroup, come back and ban it.

But whether the whole Shabbos App is a hoax or not doesn’t matter; it has already given us more entertainment than we have any right to expect from a phone app.

First check the video:

Then see the Facebook page which was opened to oppose this Yiddishkeit-destroying app and already has more likes than the official Shabbos App page (and notice that their URL is banshabbos, but whatever). Specifically see this genius post of theirs, showing which inyanim are of equal concern to Yidden concerned about the future of frum Judaism:

Then check out this genius post by Yakov Menken, the great defender of the only authentic Judaism, the man who brought us Cross-Currents, the online version of the Yated and Der Yid combined. In his post Menken uses his considerable lomdus skills, fine Talmudic parsing, and much detailed research of US patents and other such relevant sources, to prove to us that he’s bored and has nothing better to do with his time.

And finally, the geniuses behind the Shabbos App wrote a detailed rebuttal to Menken.

I’m feeling more like Erev Purim than Erev Sukkos; good thing Halloween is less than a month away, I think people are in desperate need of some comic relief.


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