The Kedusha Crisis

Guard Your EyesClaiming historical significance in one’s work is usually hyperbole; usually, but not always. When Moishe Rabbainu put out the call for donations for the mishkan we can assume he told everyone this is a historic opportunity “Hashem Yisborach made this world 2,500 years ago and he hasn’t yet found a home! He has given us this one chance to invite him into our midst and we better not screw it up!”

This morning I received this sponsored email from Vos Iz Neias, shilling for an organization called Guard Your Eyes.

Finally: A solution for one of the biggest challenges facing Klal Yisrael

Today with the internet in every pocket, we risk losing the battle.
This kedusha crisis is unique to our generation and has wreaked havoc on untold families and individuals. One organization is determined to find a solution and has already helped thousands.
A donation to GuardYourEyes is not just another Tzedaka – it has historical ramifications. For 3,000 years, the Jewish people have been able to preserve standards of kedusha, but today with the internet in every pocket, we risk losing the battle.

What is one of the biggest challenges facing Klal Yisrael?

  • Is it access to knowledge that undermines Judaism?
  • Faltering community coffers, which will soon lead to an inability for Jews to keep their children in private schools?
  • The increasingly obvious fact that frum Jews are not better than everyone else?
  • The Israeli government’s War on Torah?
  • Bais Yaakov girls gone wild?

Of course it’s none of these; it’s porn addiction. Duh.

Apparently there’s an epidemic of porn addiction in the frum community, if you don’t believe it, just watch the accompanying video where Eli admits to having a dark side, leading a double life, being a terrible father to his children, and thinking to himself “if he only knew” every time he shook his rabbi’s hand. Don’t you feel that way when you shake your rabbi’s hand?

It seems that we Jews have never spilled as much seed in our history as we are currently doing, so in addition to tearfully saying tefilas zakah before kol nidrei this Yom Kippur, why don’t you consider donating some money to this fine organization, which promises to stop the seed spilling and thus neutralize the largest existential threat facing Klal Yisroel.