Rabbi Bodenheimer of Bais Mikroh Joins Impressive List of Educators

Yeshiva Bais Mikra in Monsey is in the news again, and again it is for good reasons.

Bais Mikroh

Bais Mikroh

Almost two years ago a former student, Bomo Silver, who unfortunately for the Beis Mikrah leadership hasn’t yet gone OTD, wrote an open letter detailing the physical and mental abuse he suffered by the staff of Bais Mikroh. As should be expected from any self-respecting frum educational institution, some of their rebbeim joined in the comments section to continue the attacks against their student they had had to abandon after he graduated 8th grade. Unfortunately those rebbeim quickly discovered that their power to abuse people diminishes greatly after those people have stopped being frightened and helpless children in their classroom and they gave up.

But physical abuse wasn’t enough for Bais Mikroh, they wanted to join the big leagues like Satmar with their Nechemya Weberman, or New Square with their Taubenfeld brothers, so they had their principal, Rabbi Gavriel Bodenheimer arrested by the Rockland County’s special unit that investigates sex crimes against children.

It seems that instead of putting Rabbi Bodenheimer with the company he deserves, the anti-semitic press instead mentioned two non-Jewish teachers who were arrested for minor offenses such as drunken driving or exposing himself while driving in the Catskills. Every kollel yungerman exposes his collarbone while driving in the Catskills during bain hazmanim, that’s hardly a crime. Our menahalim reach for much greater heights and thus the only two sex-offending educators in Rockland County the press could compare him to were actually two fellow yidden. Boruch Hashem!


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