Bain Hazmanim Chronicles – Part 4

Rabboisai, I’m sorry I’m late. My dear wife Devoiry responded to my last email to her promptly, as usual, but in between fending off my overzealous chavrusah, dealing with my baalebos chavrusah at night seder who insists on learning “for real”, as he puts it, and responding to angry eBay customers I simply haven’t had the time to post it. Rest assured we are all still alive and well, we’re in Lake George now and our shalom bayis isn’t much worse than usual. I just stole away some time to run to the library after shachris to post this.

Enjoy, Shragi.

LakeGeorgeMinyanBannerDear Shragi,

You’re welcome for the laundry, you have no idea how crazy it was; I heard one of the older neighbors grumbling about me to someone else “ah chutzpah, she doesn’t even have a bungalow here and she’s doing laundry for her husband who sits in kollel all day”. I feel bad for her; she doesn’t appreciate what your learning does for all of us. She doesn’t even send her daughters to seminary; she sends them straight to college after high school. Can you imagine??

I can’t wait till after Tisha B’Av, then the fights over the machines are really going to be crazy. I sometimes think that there’s more tzaar for us after the nine days in catching up with all the laundry than there is the whole nine days.

Listen Shragi, I know we’ve discussed this before but we really really cannot have a smartphone. It’s bad enough that you have your eBay store without my father knowing, but whatever, but he doesn’t stop talking about how you’re the only son-in-law still in kollel and we’re his pride and joy. We already have internet in the house, and even though it has K9 and the timer on it it’s still bad; we’re not supposed to have it, and now we’re getting a smartphone? We can’t, we really shouldn’t.

At the end of this coming year Yanky has to go to school; where are we going to send him? I’m pretty sure the Cheder is not going to take us, I’m planning on having my father put pressure if they don’t but if they hear that you have a smartphone, even if you get rid of it by the beginning of next zman, we’re never getting in;  then what will we do? I’m not sending to Yeshiva Ktana, it’s so nebby and I’m not interested in all these little schools, every year one of them closes down.

Shragi please get rid of the phone. Please??

I’m looking forward to our trip and I’ll find out in advance where there are minyanim around Lake George, we really don’t need the phone for that. I’ll also ask my mother to buy us a GPS, ok?

I love you.



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