Real Apology for Yochanan Gordon

Yochanan GordonYochanan Gordon wrote a a piece on the 5 Towns Jewish Times website as well as on his Times of Israel blog headlined “When Genocide is Permissible” where he put forth arguments for the genocide of Palestinian Arabs. The Times of Israel kicked him off for it and apologized to its readers while the 5 Towns Jewish Times posted an inane apology by the genocidal fool.

Reuven Bell, loyal reader, and big fan, of Yochanan Gordon’s suggests that the apology should have read something like this:

I wish to apologize for an article I published which was the product of views and statements commonly held and spewed in my sheltered community. While, on reflection, I doubt anyone would seriously call for the mass extermination of millions, I’m not a very deep thinker, and parroting offensive ideas without considering the ramifications of their literal content is fairly common in my religio/social circles.

Mostly, though, I’m sorry for forgetting that there’s a world outside the echo chamber in which I usually live, and for forgetting that the Internet is a platform where people who might believe that which I consider obvious to be truly abhorrent might read my words and be duly shocked by them. While I still believe that the only good Arab is a dead one, I am deeply sorry that all those who do not agree, and may not view my genius as my daddy does, have the ability to humiliate me publicly when I broadcast my hateful views on a world wide forum. I deeply regret the stir I’ve caused, and that it’s reflected poorly on me, and hereby promise to keep my genocidal views to smaller, more local fora, until the next time I forget.

What do you think Gordon’s apology should say?

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