Bain Hazmanim Chronicles – Part 2

Dear Shragi,

Thanks for your email; I’m very glad you sent it because I ended up being too busy on Friday to speak on the phone so at least I got an update. (Don’t ask!! My mother sent me shopping in Fallsburgh and Walmart and it was crazy!! The lines were out the door!!!)

I also can’t wait till we go to Lake George; it’ll be after Tisha B’Av so there will be minyanim there. But I’m worried about the shopping you did for the trip, I don’t want Malky knowing that we bought a tent, it’s so nebby and she’ll tell the whole neighborhood. Was she sitting on her steps when you came home? How did you bring it into the house? Was it in a big bag? I’m really worried. Please be careful.

I was talking to Ruchi yesterday and I mentioned the trip we’re going on and I must have said something about you shopping for it, oy, what a mistake. The next thing I know she’s asking when you have time to go shopping for it, why am I not doing it, where do we have the money for it? And so on, I couldn’t tell her you went during seder, she would for sure tell Tatty, and I’ll never hear the end of it from him; “why am I supporting my son-in-law? So he could go shopping during seder? Why am I working 70 hours a week? So my son-in-law can go on vacation to Lake George?” Lol eyeroll.

Just be careful so no one should see you, that’s the main thing.

Anyways, I know you don’t like coming here for Shabbos but I really hope you’ll come this week, it’s so dreary here without you and also the kids miss you.




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