Bain Hazmanim is in the Air

Dear Devoiry,

There’s only three weeks left to the zman and we’re rushing to finish daf daled amud alef.
I’m glad you decided to go to your parents’ bungalow till the end of the zman, because what else would you do with the kids? When we go to Lake George after the 9 Days we’ll finally be able to spend time with the kids.

I plan on doing all the shopping for that trip tomorrow because my chavrusah is going to be away, he said he has a doctor’s appointment but I think he’s going to Manhattan with his wife.

Today we were supposed to go through the R’ Boruch Ber on the sugya, we had already gone through it last week but we didn’t understand it so we spent the last few days learning the Maharsha, which is what the R’ Boruch Ber shtells zich on, and now we should be able to understand it. But in the end the whole oilem was talking about the matzav in Eretz Yisroel. I know we shouldn’t be shmoozing during seder but you know how it is when there’s a geshmake shmooze going on? You just can’t break away.
I plan on making it up with my baalebos tonight by night seder, I’ll try to go over the R’ Boruch Ber with him, usually if I explain it to someone else then I understand it.

R’ Matisyahu gave a shmooze yesterday about the “loshon hora circles” in the bungalow colonies, he said they’re holding back moshiach from coming. I know that your parents are in a very baalebatishe bungalow colony, but as the wife of a ben toireh I hope you set a good example.

I can’t wait to see you this Shabbos.




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