I took a month off from blogging and only 3 important things happened

Try taking a little time off from using the internet and social media and you may come to realize that you aren’t missing that much and no one is really missing you. You may also come to realize that much of what is going on, doesn’t really effect you, unless you choose to take part in it. Sure, I could create issues out of thin air or argue the issues of the day. It seems that every few weeks, some one hit wonder writer has to rewrite something of mine to be more coherent and more critical of those folks I bashed years ago. There’s the anti-agunah crowd, the anti-molestation crowd, and the all around anti-frum “but still frum” sort of crowd. Basically, out of the dozens of daily emails informing me each day about the terrible goings on in the frum community, only 3 things seemed to make a difference in my life and allow for more discussion. To put it bluntly, after not having blogged in a month, I only noticed 3 things worth talking about.

The Historic summit: Everyone’s favorite sort of critical, sort of off the derech, sort of rabble rousing Rabbi held a historic summit in which he convinced a bunch of Rabbis and off the derech leaders to get together and pretend like they could change the world. I found all the pats on the back and the continued use of the term “historic” to be quite entertaining. The fact it took me a week to find after the event to find out about it either means that it wasn’t historic or that it was so historic that everyone thought I knew about it already. Does anyone know what came of the historic summit?

Tehillim and candle lighting haters: 3 kids were kidnapped in Israel and we Jews did what we do best, we fought about the proper way to get them back. Amidst this fighting, I noticed there seemed to be some sort of criticism of the grand old tehillim recital. I noticed people on Facebook, where I hung out in the shadows, actually telling folks that tehillim and extra candle lighting was bullshit. I wondered why there was such a backlash at a bunch of tehillim vigils. I also noticed that no one was calling for some good old Kahane tactics, but maybe that’s because all my friends are a bunch of pansy liberals.

Josh Orlean: I just watched the video and it sucked so bad I felt bad for the kid, but he’s got balls. I’m sure God will smite him in some horrible way for the chillul hashem he perpetuated, unless you’re like me and you actually consider this kid to be a kiddush hashem – then he will be rewarded with plenty of high fives from Howard Stern and back stage blowjobs from the makeup artists.

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