Why is everything slim fit nowdays?

short-fatIf one would venture into their local chain clothing store they may notice that nearly every shirt and pair of pants has suddenly become slim fit. Maybe it wasn’t sudden and due to the fact I haven’t actually bought any new clothing in several years, the American population has suddenly beat obesity and become slim fit again. I went to Old Navy the other day and not one of their new buttoned down shirts was “normal” fit. For a man with a perpetual beer belly it’s hard to shop like that. I tried on an extra large shirt and it was super long and baggy, but closed off the circulation to my cleavage areas (I don’t actually have man boobs, but if I did have them, this area would receive no ventilation) I went looking for jeans at Kohls and once again, they were almost all slim fit. The last time I went shopping, obesity was in full swing, is everyone suddenly super slim fit, or is it the style to walk around sucking in your fat all day.

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