10 craziest kosher for Passover products

kosher for passover insanityI was schooled last night by my wife who told me that makeup and cosmetics have to be kosher for pesach, whether or not this is the halacha or the social halacha determined by kashrus organizations wishing to scare everyone into submission to their evil price gouging schemes is beyond me. I was always taught that if dogs weren’t interested in eating it, it didn’t make a difference if there was chometz inside. Based on all the crazy pesach products coming out of Israel, I assume that the dogs in Israel are so malnourished that they eat toilet plungers, cigarettes, and duct tape.

1) when’s the last time you saw a dog munching on duct tape?
kosher for pesach duct tape

2) I haven’t hesard any reports of whether dogs actually eat this stuff, but pet food makes sense that it needs to be kosher l’pesach. Everyone knows that some very poor folks will eat dog food in order to be able to afford yeshiva tuition – now that’s mesiras nefesh. I just wonder if those same people can afford pesachdike dog food.
kosher dog food

3) Before we jump to conclusions, let us remember that as Orthodox Jews we tend to be conservative and all for unchecked capitalism, since that is the case, my assumption is that whomever is stupid enough to think that their toilet plunger needs to be kosher for pesach deserves to be ripped off. Would make a good gag gift though.
kosher for pesach toilet plunger

4) We’ve all seen the picture of the dogs playing poker and smoking, if dogs are willing to smoke, then obviously it needs to be kosher for pesach.

5) My dog sure as hell wouldn’t eat this crap
passover pizza

6) Fine, I admit it, I love licking the chometz off the back of masking tape.
pesach tape









7) Yes, it’s from last year, but if you’re of pure blood chassidish stock you may have a myth in your family about the goyim who tried to mess with the Jews by putting bread crumbs in the well on Pesach. Oh and Saltwater is such a pain in the neck to make.
kosher for passover salt water

In all honesty I could only find 7 items worthy of the list, if you can send me any items you think should be on the list – I’d be more than happy to post them. Send pictures of crazy pesach items to frumsatire@gmail.com

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