It’s not climate change, it’s the gays!

Gay-MarriageSome parts of the world are suffering from severe weather lately.

California is suffering from a terrible drought. New York and other parts of the Eastern USA (CT, MA, MD, DE, NJ, DC, etc.) are having a severe winter, as well as MN. They are even getting short of road salt in places.

The United Kingdom (England) is suffering from terrible flooding.

What do all of the above places have in common? They all legitimized toeivah ‘marriage’ in recent years, thereby incurring Divine wrath upon them.

Now I know that some people will point to other places, where there are weather difficulties even though they didn’t adopt such a change. Others will say that we are not nevi’im (prophets) and do not know why things happen. There is some truth to what they say. It could be that the other places have incurred divine wrath in other ways though. And Hashem doesn’t make things too obvious, so other places can get hit as well. We do need to introspect when disasters occur, however, as the great Rambam
has written, and not just shrug off such occurrences.

If those people lived in the time of yetzias mitzrayim (exodus from Egypt), would they have claimed that the makkos (ten plagues) were due to ‘climate change’ then, and ignore their message as well? People need to wake up and speak out against the abomination.

P.S. It is obvious that the frum community is not the cause of the toeivah movement, generally speaking. Nevertheless, we should make it clear that we strongly protest it and consider it a major problem, unlike some modern and ‘open orthodox’ types. And that we advocate repealing the changes legalizing toeivah ‘marriage’, not just ignoring it after it was pushed through improperly.

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