Women are starting to come to shul during the week

women daveningI always feared this day would come, yet somehow I hoped it wouldn’t happen in my lifetime. We all know that a very small amount of women want to violate the shulchan aruch and hilchos tznius to do a mitzvah that pushes them away from God, but there is a growing number of goodhearted ladies who are showing up to shul during the week and it’s creating an unease amongst the daily minyan guy like myself. This very recent fad of women davening with a minyan at any other time except for shabbos musaf is forcing us men to give up their makom kavuah’s which are commonly in the ezras nushim. Many poskim talk about the importance of a makom kavuah and I’m pretty sure that women showing up to shachris and forcing men to leave the women’s section is not making Hashem very happy.

Back in the day if a woman showed up to shul during the week she would have been the mockery of the neighborhood. Her children would have had hard times getting shidduchim, her husbands status would be degraded, and many held that she herself would be subject to harassment from the beis din shel mala.

My weekday makom kavuah happens to reside in a seldom used women’s section. I’ve been in shuls that have to distract daveners from the task at hand just to put up a mechitza for one woman. How rude can someone be? Showing up to a shul without an official weekday ezras nushim and essentially forcing the shul to accommodate someone that isn’t even supposed to be there. You’d think that providing a separate bathroom was enough, but women are so hypersensitive nowadays.

I’m surprised that none of the frum forums have never talked about this sad state of affairs. I for one will leave my makom kavuah, but not without a fight. I always hem and haw and make sure to let them know that I think they are going against Torah Judaism.

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