What’s next? Kosher Diapers?

Kosher DiapersI remember when I first heard about kosher water, I was taken aback and it reaffirmed my belief that the kasharus industry was merely the mafia with beards and black hats that didn’t tilt to the side. I grew up hearing about how “when we were kids, you could just look at the ingredients” or “when we were kids, the only things that needed to be kosher, were food items”. In my youth, it was rare to find kosher non-food items, nowadays we live in a society where a shidduch can be broken if the family doesn’t hold of the aluminum foil or toilet bowl cleaner you use.

Admittedly, some things make sense to a certian degree. Your pots are kosher, so one would assume that aluminum pan you’re using should probably be kosher, right? What about dish soap, chas v’shalom it should contain pig byproducts which will touch your food after yad soledes bo and then you can say that maybe some of that pig is edible and can add flavor if you don’t wash the soap off the dishes. Too many issues to really talk about here.

Luckily for the folks in the kasharus industry/mafia, frum society continues to move to the right and place great importance on image. The appearance of being frum, while not actually being so is probably one of the most important things we do as frum people and telling your friends that you will only use kosher diapers, shabbos specific toilet paper, or heimishe branded Ketchup is probably the best and cheapest way to up your level of frumkeit without actually doing anything. Who has time to do the actual things that make someone more frum, like volunteering for tomchei shabbos, or improving shalom bayis in your home. Besides, who cares about helping the poor or peace in the home when your neighbors won’t see it.

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