Since when did shvartze become a racist word?

gay-black-kkkThe problem with Baal Teshuvas is that instead of just playing the game of Orthodoxy and Frumkeit, they seek to custom mold it to their views. While I was busy at work and not able to join you fine folks on the internet, something terrible happened. Some schmuck decided that one of the most common words in the frum persons lexicon was not cool with him and so he decided to call it racist. Nowadays, the worst thing you can do in the general world is be a racist or homophobic. Unfortunately for this dude who calls himself a Black and Jewish Chossid, the word shvartze is here to stay and it defines us as frum Yidden.

I have never heard the word shvartze used in anyway, except out of love and respect for fellow humans who happen to be black. I’m not sure where this guy hangs out, but where I’m from it was only used endearingly. Rarely did other ethnic or racial groups have specific Yiddish names created for them, usually they were just the “goyim”, but black folks have such a special place in the hearts of everyone in the frum community that they reserved the frum Yiddish terminology for them.

Growing up as a frum person I’ve witnessed the unmatched friendliness towards minorities that the frum community exhibits. It’s pretty amazing to see how loving and caring and non-judgmental that most frum people are towards the black community. The amount of kiddush Hashem that takes place is unsurpassed. Sometimes I think that frum Jews like the blacks more than their own. Yet this man who lives in a very small community that is hardly a proper sample size has decided to judge the entire frum community based on such a minority group.

I think the author of the “shvartze is racist” blog post should visit the frum communities in Baltimore, Detroit, Monsey, or Lakewood to get a better view of the frum community. I’m sure that he will be welcomed with open arms and see that people in the frum community at large only use the word shvartze in a loving and kind way.

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