Heshy Fried admits that his blog Frum Satire mostly fake

heshy fried davening minchaIn the past few years, the Frum Satire Blog has exploded in readership (over 1 million unique readers in 2013 alone), but many of those readers stumble upon the page only to scratch their heads in disbelief and forward posts to their friends with the caveat “can you fucking believe this?” The comments are filled with disbelief “tell you’re joking” seems to be the common denominator. Pressure has been mounting on the blog creator, curator, and author to come clean and tell the world whether or not he is, in fact joking.

In an unprecedented move for a blogger, Heshy Fried came clean on Facebook and Twitter last night, admitting that his entire blog was a lie. Bloggers are typically arrogant assholes, but Heshy proved us wrong, although he didn’t sound too remorseful (I can only imagine what his family is going through) he did admit that only 20% of the blog was real. We aren’t sure how his readership will fare, now that they are fully aware that as much as 80% of what is written on Frum Satire is fake.

Now the question is, how fake?

Apparently it’s supposed to be obviously fake but there was a major backlash from the announcement of a shul for sex offenders opening in Monsey. Apparently, there have already been several protests at the assumed site of the yet to be named shul. Apparently the post was pure satire and the shul was purely in Heshy’s imagination, but what to make of the comment in response to “this is a joke right” in which Heshy freely admits to supporting such an admirable cause.

Then of course there was this gem:

Instead of encouraging child molestation by giving them their own shul they should be burn in hell!!! Who ever wrote this article must be a child molestor himself to actually agree with such a hillul hashem!!!!! On another note, the victims of child molestation arent the ones making a chillul hashem, the disgusting perverted so called ” rabbis” are!!! They should be exiled from all communitys!!!!

The other question I think a lot of people have is, how can we ever read Frum Satire again, if we now know that much of it is fake? I mean, what’s the point of a fake site without attribution to proper sources. Apparently there are some brighter people who can sift through the thousands of posts and decide which are real and which are fake. Rumor has it that very few people exist with such talents, so what of the thousands of regular folks like me who can’t discern real from fake, much of it sounds so real. Have we been laughing at all the wrong jokes? Did we not get many of the jokes, due to our not recognizing them in the first place?

Many have requested that he specifically tell us which posts are fake, but he has admitted in the past that part of the fun of blogging is reading the comments from people who think it’s real. He has repeatedly refused to label fake posts as fake and tries to tell people that they should merely look to the name of the blog site itself, but with today’s shortened attention span, it’s rare that people notice the name of the blog.

I applaud Heshy for coming clean, for admitting his faults, but at the same time he must have duped thousands of people and I’m not sure that he could ever repay them for the stumbling blocks he placed in their way.

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