New sefer on Hilchos Prison

hilchos prisonWith more and more Orthodox Jews going to prison these days (obviously it’s due to antisemitism and those who are moser) one has to wonder about the strange halachic conundrums that must come up. How does one know what time to say the shema when they are in solitary? Is one permitted to go on a hunger strike for kosher food, or is that considered a sakana? May one affix his rope back to his soap on shabbos? Is weight lifting considered chukas hagoyim? It’s obviously hard for someone so frum to debate calling their spouse or calling their Rov with a shayala, so it’s very fortunate that a new sefer has just come out detailing many of the halachos and shayala’s that arise in prison.

You may recall the spoof sefer that someone created called the “halachos of incarceration” a few years back.

Hat Tip Failed Messiah