10 best tznius posters and letters

I’m not exactly sure when certian people in the frum community decided to make tznius into the cause of all the calamities that befall the Jewish people, but it seems that the two major causes of evil in this world is the lack of tznius and the gays. It used to be that those signs warning scantily clad women not to pass through certain Charedi neighborhoods in Israel, were a tourist destination. Not so anymore, these days, there seems to be an obsession with tznius in the frum community and it’s not just about knees and elbows anymore. Some of the posters, mailings, and letters to the editor below are a bit alarming. Of course, when you’re sitting in front of your computer faraway from Lakewood or Monsey, it could be funny too, but to me it’s still alarming.

1) Remember to look in the mirror before leaving the kitchen.

tznius in lakewood

2) Tznius magnets will help you remember not to wear anything with color in it.

tznius magnets

3) I love random causation and correlation.

Lakewood tznius asifa

4) Do not stand under street lights, lest your sex become illuminated.

tznius streetlight sign

5) OMG her beautiful shiny white back turned me on and I had to write this letter to show how holy I am.

Tznius alert

6) Nothing says frum more than carrying around a tznius ruler.

tznius ruler

7) Dress tzniusly and let the pidyon shvuyim begin.

tznius chizuk of the week

8) If you don’t make bulletproof stockings, we will boycott you.


9) When I was in high school it used to be “the longer the skirt the farther they’ll go” I guess times have changed.

long skirt long life

10) We have to include the sign that started it all.

tznius modesty

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