Just because you call yourself Orthodox doesn’t mean that you are

orthodox jewish gay israelIt seems that the plague that has affected other streams of Judaism has finally hit the Orthodox community, that plague is what I call misuse of affiliations. Orthodoxy is much more about image than anything else and if you want to roll in our circus you have to abide by certain rules. If you break certain social norms and customs which are visible within authentic Judaism you may call yourself Orthodox all you want, but within Orthodoxy you will not be considered as such. “Rabbi” Shmuely Yanklowitz wants very much to be called an Orthodox Rabbi, but he simply isn’t, no true Orthodox Jew would call him Orthodox and I’m afraid that him and so called other “open orthodox” rabbis are a wolf in sheep’s clothing trying to infiltrate and eventually destroy authentic Judaism. This so called Rabbi has written a post about why being an “Orthodox” Rabbi has compelled him to support gay marriage. The entire piece is misleading, because not only is the title making a complete mockery of Orthodox Rabbis, but he doesn’t even look like a proper rabbi. Clean shaven, smiling, and obviously wearing a colorful yarmulke, true Orthodoxy would never consider him to even be in the club, let alone a rabbi in the first place. 

Let us compare Rabbi Shmuely to those women in the chabad world who feel the need to explain that Chassidic women are free and strong, while most chassidic women are nothing like these few mostly BT chabad ladies that have no idea what it’s like to live in an insular community. Open Orthodoxy is basically a bunch of conservadox folks who want to call themselves Orthodox because they have a mechitza. Having a 30 inch tall mechitza with an entrance for women to grab the Torah is hardly Orthodox. Sure, you’re trying to fit into the “letter of the law” yet what happened to the spirit of the law. Then when it comes to other things like the gays, you want to go about it in a spirit of the law fashion and reinterpret the letter of the law for your liberalism. You can’t have it both ways and still wish to remain part of a community that prides itself on their lack of hypocrisy. The true Orthodox community is so moral that even speaking of the gays in a respectful way can lead to sin.

Unfortunately, the yetzer harah has clearly inserted itself into the hearts and minds of the Open Orthodox movement, which aims to reinterpret thousands of years of practice. It wasn’t enough that they tried to create women rabbis, it wasn’t enough to throw some bible criticism into the mix, you had to take the very thing that Orthodoxy is based on and shove it back in our faces. Do you not understand that the gays threaten frumkeit in ways that women rabbis could never do so. The gays aim is to make marriage so non-sacred that we will soon be married to cars and dogs, bestiality is the obvious next step and then incest. Unfortunately, most of these clean shaven rabbis are too young to see the far reaching effects of the gays and their gay agenda.

You cannot call yourself an orthodox rabbi and support gay marriage, you cannot be clean shaven and garner any respect, and you most certainly cannot wear a knitted yarmulke and then proclaim yourself an expert on reinterpreting the Torah. Until Daas Torah and the gedolim say that gay marriage is ok, it’s not ok. It’s not about hatred, it’s not about bigoted views, it’s about what Hashem wants and Hashem wants us to do something unpopular like not allow gays to get married or do bris milah, we have to do such things. Unfortunately, these Open Orthodoxy people want to take God out of the equation and see the humanist side in everything. Social justice and real Judaism don’t mix.

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