Why would anyone go to Frum Tube over You Tube?

umanI’m a from website skeptic, 90% of the frum websites out there are merely copy cats of some other site that works a lot better and Frum Tube is no different. As the name suggests, it’s a frum version of you tube, filled with hard to find Rebbe videos, behind the scenes Yeshiva Boys Choir stuff, and the occasional Wallerstein mussar rant. It’s the best place to find obscure frum videos, with none of the garbage. By garbage, I mean the untznius, liberal, and anti-semitic videos that will most likely pop up on the sidebar of You Tube under “suggested videos” as you try to get through that days daf yomi. Until now, there weren’t any such sites where frum Jews could go and watch videos without dealing with unfrum videos or pop up ads. Baruch Hashem for Frum Tube, paving the way for sites like Frum Facebook and Frum Ashley Madison.