10 Best Snowman pictures from the Israel snowstorm

There are a ton of cool pictures from the snowstorm that just hit Israel, but I think the snowman pictures are the best. There are a lot of them and many of them are good, but the following are my personal favorites. Which is your favorite?

1) Ovadia Yosef comes back to life.
ovadia yosef snowman

2) Snow terrorist
snow terrorist

3) Snow Klezmer band
snowman band in israel

4) Charedi Snow scare crow
snow scare crow

5) It’s not exactly a snowman, but those Palestinians sure know how to sculpt
palestinian snow sculpture

6) Some snowmen just like to party
party snowman

7) Kind of reminds you of the Golden Calf
the golden calf

8) Now that’s some achdus, turns out Charedim aren’t scared of work
Ultra-Orthodox Jewish men roll a snowball after a snowstorm at a park during winter in Jerusalem

9) People tend to make the things they need or love

10) Cutest snowman (don’t worry, they’re legal and they’re Mormon)
cute girls

editors note: I saw a picture of an entire table of snowmen learning gemara, I can’t find it anywhere, if you can send it to me I’d appreciate it.

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