10 best pictures from the snow storm in Israel

1)The only guy to show up to the women of the wall protest.
jerusalem snowman
Received via email

2) Arabs decide to throw snowballs, not stones!
arabs throw snowballs
(Photo by Uriel Sinai/Getty Images)

3) I bet you those babies were having a grand old time.
israel snow
From Jpost

4) See the Charedim know how to have fun in the snow too. I think their snowman even has peyos.

charedi snow kid
From the Daily Mail

5) Even when it snows, those darned Palestinians want to blow up Israel.
palestinian snow bomb
From the Tribune

6) I vote that the Palestinians beat out the Israelis in the snow art during this storm.
palestinian snow sculpture
From Elder of Zion blog

7) The sledding in Jerusalem must be amazing, I wonder if anyone built any jumps.
sledding in Jerusalem
From Times of Israel

8) Now that’s just weird.
skiing at the kotel
From Vos Iz Neias

9) Now that’s a Jerusalem snowstorm.
snow storm in jerusalem

10) Idf guys playing in the snow.
IDF soldiers play in the snow
From Jpost