The Torah view of drones

drones privacy torah jewsDrones is one of those hotly debated topics that seem to cross political lines, to the untrained non-Torah observant Jew the debate is not conclusive. Torah Jews however, understand that Hashem is recording our every action. We understand that whether we are in the beis medrish or the bathroom, everything we say and do will come back in that famous movie that Hashem shows us of our lives. We will see what we could have been, what we lost, our victories, our defeats. Basically Hashem has such a good drone that invades our supposedly personal space that it’s obvious why frum, ehrliche, halacha following Yidden couldn’t care less about drones, the google takeover, or The Patriot Act. In fact, you will notice that most frum Jews are all about the government prying into our personal lives. They supported George Bush and his Patriot Act, they readily give up their privacy on the internet so as not to be in yichud with their computers, because in the end there is no privacy. 

It’s unfortunate that people even have the hava minah to believe they live private lives. People hide from their fellow people in an effort to appear harmless, honest, truthful, and religious, but in the end it’s only Hashem that matters and unfortunately modern society has lost this aspect of their lives. Instead of sitting around debating whether or not we want intrusions into our “private” lives, we should be zoche to realize that Hashem is watching us all the time and that we should notice this and live our lives accordingly.

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