20 Most slurred words by frum people

rabbi akiva eigerMy wife recently told me that it took her years to figure out that Bracha Livatala was two words that contained multiple syllables. That got me thinking about the hundreds of words frum people slur into combinations that seldom match the original. Obviously, I don’t have time to go through every single instance in which 3 words are made into one barely recognizable word. I did however try to get to the 20 most commonly slurred words by frum people. 

  1. Rosh Yeshiva: I’m not sure if there’s anyone who actually says Rosh Yeshiva or Rosh HaYeshiva in two words, if you’re frum (modern orthodox is not considered frum in this case) you will almost always say it as Roshiva.
  2. Rabbi Akiva Eiger: I’m not sure how it happened, but out of all the poskim, gedolim, and roabbonom, Akiva Eiger got shafted with regards to his name, no one pronounces it and pretty much everyone says it in a very slurred way that means that most people of a non-frum bent will probably never know from Rabbi Akiva Eiger.
  3. Baruch Hu Baruch Sh’mo: I’m fairly certain that this is even slurred and mumbled by non-frum Jews. Bruchshmo is the common vernacular, but sometimes in a very rare while, someone will add the Hu into there slur. Other pronunciations include Sh’mo, Br-Shmo, and baruch shemo.
  4. Im Yirtza Hashem By You: AKA soon by you, is commonly made into one word. Due to the shidduch crisis and the proliferation of this offensive bracha, many folks simply say Yitzashem by you, the “im” is most commonly dropped and sometimes the bracha itself sounds like a racial slur aimed at those we deem as nebachs of the community, the broke guy who can’t get a job, the older singles, and the childless couples.
  5. Good Shabbos: If you can even discern the shabbos in Good/Gut Shabbos you are probably being greeted by someone who didn’t grow up frum. This most commonly mumbled under ones breath as if they are being forced by some imaginable being to say it to you.
  6. Gut Vuch: Another one that usually sounds like someone has something stuck in their throat, rather than someone willingly wishing you a good week.
  7. Yasher Koach: Shkoyach is the term across the board, only idiots say an actual “Yasher Koach”.
  8. Baruch Hashem: Often combined with 100%, this is one of those things you would think to be spoken clearly, but it seldom is.
  9. Kin ayin harah: I had no idea that kinaynaharah and kin ayin harah were the same word until recently
  10. Tizku L’mitzvos: As if your mitzvah sucks, it seems that this term is becoming more slurred as the frum community is bombarded by tzedaka scams.
  11. Ribono Shel Olam
  12. Yimach Sh’mo
  13. 100%
  14. Shalosh Seudos: Possibly the most famous word that doesn’t really match the original, shaloshudos = shalosh seudos.
  15. Robosai Mir Vellen Benchten: One would think that someone leading a mizumin would speak clearly, but Bosaivellenbentchin hardly sounds like rabosai mir vellen benchten.
  16. Bracha Livatala; Brachavatalla is the most common way to say it.
  17. Shalom Alechim
  18. Aleichem Shalom
  19. Gut Yuntiff: Yuntiff, as easy as it is, is almost always said in a slur.
  20. The entire shemona esrei: I’ve heard people try to say shemona esrei in 3 minutes, but I just don’t think it’s possible, the slurring is endless.

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