Nothing like a good racist video about being tznius

I’m just giving you the fair warning that the following video is racist and gets pretty ugly at about the 39 minute mark, after that it’s priceless(that’s where you should skip to if you want to witness what my yeshiva education was like) Rabbi Wallerstein, who had such a nice presentation at the Agudah Convention a couple of weeks ago, wasn’t very nice in this video. He basically calls black and latin music for animals in the jungle and discourages women from doing Zumba, after all Sarah Imeinu wouldn’t have done such things. She didn’t have to, because she was a super hottie already. Wallerstein does the classic mussar, “we’re spiraling downward in our morals” thing as he says that the only reason Zumba is allowed is because Satan tricked us into thinking that dancing like animals in the jungle to goyishe music is exercise. Hat tip Rachmuna.

I’m still not sure why women are never talking so violently about the “lack” of tznius in their communities, the men seem like the animals in the jungle who can’t get a hold of themselves.

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