Stuff Frum Pedophiles like

weberman graphicI’m well aware that the “stuff people like” fad is over, I wrote dozens of them for every group within Judaism and beyond, but I never picked on frum pedophiles. As many of you know, pedophilia is not specifically prohibited in the Torah, but reporting them to the police is specifically prohibited. This is one of the reason that pedophiles can not only be frum, but enjoy one of the most protected status’s of anyone in the frum community. It’s as if being a frum sex abuser is an honorable thing to do, just look at the lavish parties thrown for abusers when they get off the hook.

Stuff Frum Pedophiles Like:

Yeshiva Boys Choir

Erev Yom Kippor at the mikvah

Makos on erev yom kippur in chassidish circles

The Mikvah

Hoshana Rabbah

Yisroel Belsky

Charles Hynes

Hilchos Mesirah

Being the best rebbe

Purim in yeshiva

Hamodia and Yated


Siddur parties

Vaad Hatznius

Statute Limitations

Communities with 10 kids per family

Potching the tuchus

Six flags on Chol Hamoid

Daas Torah

Camp Dora Golding

Thumb dipping

Beard tugging

Miami Boys Choir

Agudas Yisroel


Kolko yichus

Pidyon Shvuyim

In Shabbosim

Siyum mishnayos

Father son learning

Visiting day in the Catskills

Not having to get official titles to be a therapist

Being the candy man


Aleinu on Yom Kippur

Teaching little ones to daven shemona esrei

Metzitza B’peh

Matching sailor outfits

Pirchei shabbos parties

Tzivos Hashem

Fleeing to Israel

Separate swimming

Bar Mitzvah lessons

Loshon harah preventing reporting

Duchening (get those kids under the talis)

Birchas Hatorah for the kids under the chupah on simchas Torah

Stuff frum pedophiles don’t like:

Background checks

To Catch a predator

Sex education

Failed Messiah

Yaakov Horowtz


Antisemitic courts

Modern Orthodoxy

Jewish Bloggers


Security cameras

Chaim Levin

Peyos to hold on to

Children not knowing what private parts are

¬†Editors note: There are some who may say that pedophilia and sex abuse is not right to make fun of, but the sad thing is that this post isn’t comedy, it’s completely serious and just another effort to get the frum community to wake up to their foolishness is protecting these monsters.