RE: Avrohom Meir Weiss

hatersTo the author of this blog,

I have never read your blog before, but I wonder if you realize the grave sin of loshon horah and motzi shem rah that you have violated by slandering a talmud chacham with such a dignified lineage as my dear friend Avrohom Meir. I can’t believe that you and all the other negative Jewish bloggers have been duped by a rag such as the NY Post. Did you think for a minute that it could be a lie, that trusting the side of the woman, while the liberal and nice thing to do, is not necessarily the right way to go about this.

Do we as Torah Jews trust one side? Do we not rely on kosher aidim? Yet, in this case, you and your cronies have jumped on the back of an innocent man and have trampled his soul. The busha you and others have caused his family and friends is irrevocable. You cannot take it back, you cannot undo the pain you have caused the Weiss family who’s name will forever be marred because of one woman’s desire for fame, money, and revenge.

I wonder if one person spoke wrongly about you and was able to get a bunch of folks to write evil things about you that weren’t true. How would you feel?