What do sexy frum girls and mixed martial arts have in common?

frum-girlsI’m not exactly sure what mixed martial arts and a bunch of random pictures of a bunch of hot frum girls have to do with each other, but yesterday, there was an article called “Have you ever BEEN with an Orthodox Jewish girl” posted on a forum about mixed martial arts. There does happen to be an MMA fighter in my shul with a pretty hot wife, but she’s not even Jewish yet, so I’m not sure what prompted this, but around the web it has been raising the ire of many frum and not-frum ladies. Of course, I’m angered as well, I feel for these people, especially since one of the pictures was taken by me of two hot chanis at kosher fest years ago. I now know the mixed feelings of being taken advantage of and pride at having your very own picture stolen without so much as a hat tip or link.

As A. Nuran has pointed out, anything can be fetishized and I’m all for the publicizing of sexy and tznius ladies on the internet, I should point out that many of the girls are not even frum. I noticed that some of them are obviously wearing pants, modeling for wigs, or just not Jewish looking at all. If you’re going to post a bunch of pictures of hot frum girls, make them all frum will ya.

As one can imagine, there is a lot of disgust coming out of this and I view this as a good mussar lesson for all the girls out there that use the internet. I’m not sure how often I have to repeat this, but NOTHING posted on the internet is private or can ever really be erased. Once you post it, no matter how many privacy settings or anonymous routes you take, it can be found, used, abused, and posted on the internet for all to see. Based on the postings I see day in and day out by frummies about how “freaked” out they are about the ads on websites catering to them, I’m fairly certain that no one realizes that internet privacy is a myth. I’m kind of looking forward to facial recognition search, because then things will really get interesting.

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