Chukas Hagoyim is nothing to be proud of

goyimDear Frum Satire,

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend lately and it seems that the yetzer harah himself has disguised it as some sort of kiddush Hashem. In the past few years, frum Jews have started to be portrayed by the secular media as normal, they go on TV shows, talent contests, and write books that become mainstream. All the while, you and your fellow bloggers call this a great kiddush Hashem. Since when does acting like the goyim and seeking approval from the goyim, become a kiddush Hashem. It is the opposite in fact, it is a great desecration of the name of Hashem to seek any sort of approval or to try and “fit in” with the goyim.

I’m not sure where you’re from, but I was brought up to believe and to constantly be aware of the fact that the goyim are no better than the Nazis were to us. One day, just like it happened in Germany, they can turn on us and we will have thought the same thoughts, we will have thought about how similar we were to them and how they could turn on us. I think it’s time to take some hints from those Charedim you love to bash, they have it right, they aren’t loved by the secular world, but who needs goyishe love when Hashem loves you.

Who needs some 12 year old kid on some talent TV show playing piano, when you have yeshivos full of children and adults shteiging away? Let us recognize the yetzer harah for what it is and stop trying to convince ourselves that being “accepted” by secular society is a kiddush Hashem.

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