Are 4 section velvet yarmulkes too modernishe?

black velvet yarmulkeI always felt like I’ve exhausted everything you could possibly write about yarmulkes. I’ve approached it from the place on your head where you wear it, the style vs. hashkafa, and even the whole slew problems that comes with changing your yarmulke style, but never in my life would I think that any sort of black velvet yarmulke would be considered too modernishe.

As much as I hate to admit it, pretty much everyone I know, myself included, comes to certian judgements about people who wear certian yarmulkes. In America it’s probably not as bad as Israel, but in general black knitted is the most neutral and black velvet is the most frum.

I have approached the subject of 4 vs. 6 section black velvet yarmulkes, but only in jest. The 6 section tend to be shinier and more pointy, while the 4 section are a bit softer and easier on the eyes. 4 section yarmulkes are also easy to find in the mini-suede-esque style that you can put on the front of your head. (back in the day it was the style to cover your long ass bangs with them)

I can’t really understand it, but the Pupa Yeshiva has banned 4 section yarmulkes and colored yarmulkes (I never knew they allowed colored yarmulkes anyway)

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