Gur Chassidim acknowledge that dancing with children on shoulders turns them on

charedi boys looking at girlsThe war against tznius just took a turn for the worse, it’s one thing to ban perfectly normal things that turn people on, like scantily clad women and women who drive. However, it’s downright scary when you have to ban children from sitting on your shoulders because it may lead to arousal. Frankly, I’m downright frightened that the war on tznius has led anyone to even have the hava minah that a toddler on someone’s shoulders is going to arouse them.

While we’re on the topic, I’ve wondered for just about my entire life as to why children and teenagers were allowed to go to the mikvah without a parental guardian (not that parents in repressed religious cults are much safer than the Rebbes and shop owners) I guess it’s safe to say that with such an acknowledgement there will become a more open attitude towards flushing sex offenders out of the community. One would think that banning shoulder dancing, would lead to the banning of children sitting on laps and visiting whatever the Chassidic equivalent of Santa Clause is. Do they sit on the Rebbe’s lap and pose for pictures? That could definitely lead to arousal, but some good old sherayim may be worth the shock of realizing the Rebbe is getting turned on from little Yankele and Moishele on his lap.

We like to point fingers at those leading the ridiculous tznius rhetoric, but I think that once they start banning things to prevent public pedophile based arousal, we may wish for the good old days of chair throwing, bleaching, and front of bus beat downs.

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