Two yeshiva guys making out

I was recently talking with this rather yeshivish dude who moved into our community, not sure how it came up, but I told him that my favorite neighborhood in San Francisco happened to be the gayest neighborhood. His response was classic “uch, disgusting, etc…” and it got me thinking as to how my response towards gays in general has changed so much since one of my best friends came out to me. I feel that I was never able to relate until I knew someone on the inside, living in the one of the gayest areas in the nation hurt either. The following video is trying to come to terms with the fact that yarmulkes have never been a sex symbol. I know of girls who thought that tzitzis and hats were hot, but you never hear women getting hot and heavy for yarmulkes. If you’re still living in last century and two dudes making out isn’t for you, don’t watch the whole thing.

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