To all of you who are rallying against kaparot

yom kippurI’m not sure how it happened, but it looks like there are a growing number of supposedly religious Jews doing the anti-Semites work for them. It used to be that some raging liberal would suddenly decide one day that one of our ancient practices was not humane and then try to ban it. They’ve done it with shchitah, bris milah, and now they don’t have to lift a finger in order to ban kaparos. While everyone is suddenly against kaparos, I will be sure to offload my sins onto a chicken this year.

I’ve seen videos, blog posts, facebook rallies, and all sorts of mixed media put out by Jews, mostly religious, that are trying to convince us to use a fish or money. Do they not realize that they are worse than one who is moser another Jew? Now how on earth did this happen? Since when did frum Jews suddenly care about treating animals humanely. Are these same people who are rallying against kaparos, prepared to deal with the banning of bris milah or shechitah? Do these same people eat only organic pasture raised meat, or are they eating feedlot cows from South America that are still shackled and hoisted before shechted. I’m not sure that these anti-kaparos people realize the danger they are potentially creating for religious Jews worldwide.

Sure, it’s cool to jump on the liberal animal rights band wagon, but there is always a cost. If you are against kaparos, you should surely be against ritual circumcision. Basically, this movement is led by a bunch of baalei teshuva who don’t realize that they just shot themselves in the foot. You can’t pick and choose, kaparos may be inhumane, but many other rituals and teachings in traditional Judaism are inhumane.

At least this guy tries to make kaparos look good by making factory farming look bad, I’m not sure if it’s going to work.

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