American Apparel chassidish model and Shomer shabbos heroine dealers!!!

blog linksFor some reason, this past week has been terribly active with interesting happenings in the Jewish world. So many interesting links, yet so little time. I even have to work on erev Yom Kippur starting at 6am, welcome to the busy life of a chef. However, I feel that many of the links that some of fine folks have shared with me, should be clicked on and read. So, being that I’m trying to be a baal chesed in these asres yimay teshuva, I’ve decided to share them all with you, which is a pain in the neck by the way.

American Apparel hires its first Chassidish model, I wonder when secular society become disenchanted with chassidim, but until then they are enjoying this Renaissance sort of thing.

Torah musings has a very good, yet very long winded article detailing the history behind the divisions between left wing open orthodox and modern orthodoxy. A very good read, but have your attention spans ready.

Shomer shabbos heroine dealers in Brooklyn, not sure what the big deal is. No one holds of dina d’malchusei dina anymore.

The Rav of my community’s father in law died this past week, apparently he was a big deal in the chesed world. So big, that Jonathan Pollard himself penned a letter about it.

I don’t really consider it a great talent to take photos or videos, make a list out of them and have that go viral to be of such great talent. I told this to Pop Chossid and so he wrote his own post that did go viral, it’s a sweet post about how he didn’t love his wife when he got married.

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